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    Northeast Bank is a premier independent community bank committed to providing quality products and exceptional service. Our story begins in 1947 when Northeast Bank was founded by a handful of local business people to address the need for a local bank. Previously, the only bank serving the Northeast Minneapolis area had been purchased by another bank and relocated, leaving the area without even a branch office.

    Even though the State of Minnesota had not issued any new bank charters during the previous 25 years, the Northeast Bank founders were undaunted. They were motivated by the banking needs of local businesses and families and decided to do something about it. Ray Mikolajczyk, Ray Julkowski, Walter Larson, Walter Kostick, and Walter Warpeha gathered a group of other community leaders and residents, chartered a bus and took their petition for a bank charter to the Minnesota State Capital. The charter for Northeast Bank was granted on November 20, 1947.


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