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Infinity Automotive - Blaine
Job Description
Title: Shop Assistant/Shop Helper/Parts Runner Shop Help Hours: 8AM-6PM, Saturdays as needed Two 15-minute breaks; One 30-minute lunch Supervisor: Owner/Manager   Principles Duties and Responsibilities:   1. Be neat and clean in appearance; Red, White or Black Shirts Only. 2. Have a valid state driver’s license. 3. Be a good problem solver; being able to solve independently as well as part of a team. 4. Be trust worthy, upbeat, enthusiastic and have a good attitude. 5. Have the ability to forecast issues with meeting deadlines. 6.  7. Assisting Detailers and technicians as needed; mats, refilling bottles etc. 8. Assisting Technicians with various jobs including bleeding brakes, checking tire pressure, assisting with oil changes. 9. Have a basic understanding of all detail chemicals and how they are broken down. 10. Having a basic understanding of usage and minimize/eliminate misusing/discarding/wasting products. 11. Possess a basic mechanical/operational knowledge of automobiles. 12. Have the ability to drive vehicles with standard transmission as well as automatic. 13. Enjoys dealing with people/employees/public. 14. Conducting in a professional demeanor when dealing with vendors, dealers, etc. 15. Performing with minimal supervision; if there is a need to babysit you; this is not the job for you. 16. General shop maintenance as requested by supervisor -painting, cleaning shop, scrubbing shop floors, and any additional tasks requested by supervisor. 17. Giving customer rides as requested by supervisor. 18. Be self motivated, self driven, detail oriented, organized. 19.  Performing and stocking inventory and shop supplies as requested by supervisor. 20. Wash/clean/inspect vehicles to Infinity Automotive standards, Quality is of utmost importance: a. Assess door jams, glass, mirrors, chrome, carpets, seats, headrests, headliners,  Exterior imperfections, dirt, grime, bugs etc. b. Shop help is solely responsible for reviewing any vehicles driven prior to delivery. c. All vehicles need to be dry before delivery~approximately 2-3 hours after detail 21. Picking up and dropping of vehicle from dealerships as requested by supervisor. 22. Picking up parts and dropping of parts from various vendor(s) and dealerships. 23. Perform task(s) as requested by supervisor to ensure adequate day to day operation. 24. Picking up shop supplies as requested by supervisor. 25. Following daily instructions from supervisor and service consultants as requested. 
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